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We are experts in your pest control needs: commercial, residential, termite inspections, termite treatments, licensed in INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) for the safety of home and environment.

We also feature do-it-yourself products in the only store where not only can you buy the chemicals you need, but you can get tips from the experts themselves on how to use them correctly and for the safety of your family.

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The following steps will help you keep your home pest-free.
Carpenter Ants:
Carpenter ant control is a prime concern to home owners since these ants are a wood destroying insect. They can work unnoticed in attics, in walls, between floors, any out of sight area cutting the wood during their nesting process and weaking the structure.  Wet wood is their prime nesting area. The water source can come from roof leaks around chimneys and sky lights, leaking plumbing including shower, toilet seal, dishwasher, sink, etc. Repairs to eliminate their water source and our effective baiting/spraying service will eliminate the carpenter ant colony. Keeping the structure treated inside and outside will maintain control. Our service can be tailored to fit your needs!
Cockroaches and other indoor pests:
Clean up food spills and crumbs immediately. Keep food lids closed. Repair leaking faucets and drains. Keep appliances and counters clean of grease and food. Store grocery bags away from food preparation areas. Keep garbage out of house in sealed trash bags & cans.

Call us for help as soon as you start to see activity.
(231)722-4686, (231)722-3247, toll free in Michigan only 1-800-362-4035.
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Ants, Occassional Invaders and other Outdoor Pests:
Move your garbage collection area away from the house. Caulk around doors, windows and ulility inlets. Store firewood away from the house. Use screens in doors and windows. Install "non-attracting" or yellow light bulbs at entry doors. Repair cracks in foundation walls, especially basement. Clean gutters and down-spouts. Remove leaf litter promptly.

Thin shrubs and trees away from house and garage. Eliminate damp, wet areas ants are attracted to. Repair or replace water damaged wood where carpenter ants will nest. Outside barrier treatments using liquid insecticides and/or granules will help reduce or eliminate many pest problems inside the house if applied on a regular treatment schedule. Professional services and do-it-yourself products are both available at O'malley's Pest Control, Inc. You have a choice!!

Found on pets, near pet areas inside & yard areas pets frequent. Fleas reproduce rapidly during hot, humid weather. Feas will feed on any convenient host, people as well as pets causing irritating, itchy bites. Have a veterinarian treat your pet for fleas before returning it to your home. Wash pet bedding often in hot, soapy water. Vacuum thoroughly in areas where pets spend time. Inspect pets for fleas and ticks often, especially in summer. Treating the yard with insecticide granules (works with frequent watering) or yard spray (best used if yard is not watered very often) during the summer months will help prevent infestations from occuring due to stray animals such as squirrels, racoons, dogs, cats, etc visiting your yard and dropping off fleas for your pet and family members to pick up and transport into your home and vehicles. Pet, house, yard and vehicle treatments are necessary when flea infestation occurs. Flea pest control is available at our retail store and order online.
Most species hide in cracks, dark areas or webs, may bite if disturbed. Black Widow and Brown Recluse species are poisonous. Sealing cracks & crevices around foundation walls & windows (in window wells), door sweeps to close gaps under doors & sealing loose fitting doors will help keep spiders outside. Frequent vacuuming of baseboards behind furniture, corners of rooms & windows and closet areas will discourage spiders from nesting in undisturbed areas.
Active at night, hidden in mulch & dark areas during the day.
Scavenges on dead plant & animal material. Found in cool, damp ground cover. Nuisance garden pest that comes inside at night thru gaps & cracks around doors, windows, foundations, etc.


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