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Bedbugs are a hot topic in pest control.

Bedbugs are here in Muskegon area homes!  Fortunately, observant residents are seeking help upon finding them in their homes.  How do they get into these homes you ask?  In today’s mobile society, anyone from friends, relatives and children visiting other homes, in college or traveling can bring them home in their personal belongings, luggage and clothes.  Bedbugs also come in furniture & bedding purchased second hand or donated to charity.   Bed bugs may also travel between apartments through small crevices and cracks in walls and floors. 

Bedbugs are small insects that feed on human blood.  During their development they shed their skin 5 times and before each shed they must have a blood meal. They can mature in as little as a month. Bedbugs are usually active at night when people are sleeping.  Adult bedbugs have a flat, reddish brown colored oval body.  About the size of an apple seed, they are big enough to be easily seen but often hide in cracks in furniture, floors or walls, where they spend about 90% of their time.  When bedbugs feed, their bodies swell and become brighter red (the article cited below contains a link to a video of a bedbug eating).  They can live for several weeks or months without food or water.

How can you tell if you have bedbugs? Do you have bites? (See the cited article below.) Look for them where they hide and their evidence. Monitoring traps are practical and inexpensive. They provide an attractive hideout for bedbugs but have a glue system that traps them. You just place them and check 'em to see what's inside. We recommend the BDS monitoring traps.

Monitoring traps and glue boards are available at our on-line store and at our retail store to determine where the bedbugs have moved to and to assess the treatment progress until eradication has been accomplished. 

If you find bedbugs you can treat the problem yourself!  Our Bonide and Bedlam sprays are labeled for bedbug control and provide excellent control.  Complete spraying of mattresses, box springs, bed frames, floors & carpets, areas behind headboards & footboards, pictures on wall, window sill cracks behind curtains & blinds, inside-behind-undersides of night stands & dressers/bureaus, undersides of chairs/sofas, under cushions and between folds of fabric where bedbugs crawl inside and hide. 

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Images from the article cited below.

Please read this very informative article on bed bugs
by Michael F. Potter, Extension Entomologist
University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.



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