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We, at O'Malley's Pest Control, Inc., are experts in your pest control needs: commercial, residential, termite inspections, termite treatments, licensed in INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) for the safety of home and environment.

We also feature do-it-yourself products in the only store where not only can you buy the products you need, but you can get tips from the experts themselves on how to use them correctly and for the safety of your family.

Articles that appeared on our bulletin board.

Nusiance flying bugs inside homes now.
by Betty  Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:31 pm

We have received a lot of calls regarding the sudden appearance of stink bugs (pine seed bugs), box elder bugs and lady bugs inside homes. These bugs over winter in voids in walls, floors, windows, attics, basements & crawl spaces waiting to return outside when the weather warms sufficiently to resume their life cycle. When the sun comes out during the day and warms up the siding on the outsides of homes, the heat radiates into wall voids and arouses these bugs from their hibernation phase. Unfortunately, they emerge on the inside of homes causing a lot of distress when crawling on walls & windows. Light attracts them to windows, lamps, light fixtures, tv & computer screens too. Most of these nusiance bugs will dehydrate and die on their own. Vacuuming them up will help control their activity non-chemically. When large numbers emerge, spraying window sills & window casings with our residual Bonide Household Spray will hasten their death. Bonide Household Spray comes in ready to spray quarts and gallons. Check out our webstore open 24/7 for your convenience at
Mole Damage Discovered
by Betty  Tue Mar 15, 2011 6:00 pm

Mole damage to yards has become a serious problem now that the snow is melting off the ground. Moles cause more damage during the cold weather months because their food supply of worms and grubs move deeper into the ground due to the cold temperatures and freezing ground. Tamp down all mounds and runways, to find the active tunnels wait to see which tunnels and mounds reappear indicating current activity areas. TALPIRID kills moles in a single feeding using only 1 whole poison worm per placement. Placing several worms throughout the active tunnels is recommended for a large area. Each tray of TALPIRID contains 10 worms in a resealable package.

For more information go to our website and go to our products page. Moles live in chambers deep in the ground but forage for worms & grubs close to the surface under turf and plants causing grass and plants to die due to lack of soil around their roots. The eastern mole makes the tunnels under the sod and dirt mounds. Star nose moles tunnel deeper under the sod but don't make the mounds. TALPIRID is effective on both eastern and star nose moles. Moles move from place to place above the ground so more moles can move in at any time. Many of our customers have great results with our MOLE PATROL pellets also. After puncturing the tunnel or mound insert a spoon full of pellets, pinch the hole shut or place dirt on it to close the hole. Moles will close holes by pushing dirt and baits into open holes. DON'T CAVE IN TUNNELS OR MOUNDS AFTER BAITING! Leave tunnels open so moles can forage freely.

Swarming Termites
by Betty  Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:29 pm

Swarming termites are emerging inside homes now that the weather is warming. Finding a pile of wings laying around but no insects indicates termites have swarmed (mating). Swarmers are very small 1/4 inch long with 2 pairs of equal length wings and straight bodies often confused with flying ants...However, flying ants keep their wings, swarmer termites remove them before returing to their tunnels they came out of. Many times the swarmers are the only visible sign of termite activity. When this happens several years in a row, take notice and get the structure inspected. Worker termites are present before swarming reproductive termites are seen. There can be many swarms in a season starting in March and ending in June or as late as July. There is still a termite problem when the swarms stop. Soil treatments are needed to control termites.
by Betty  Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:46 pm

Tired of spiders taking over your decks, patios & porches by mid-summer? Our outside barrier treatments for spiders started as the weather warms up in April, May & June help control spider populations earlier than waiting until late summer when populations have grown out of control. Our Tempo wetable powder formulation provides excellent spider control applied with our high pressure pump rigs. These treatments also help control ants, bees, wasp & other nusiance pests. Keeping bushes & shrubs trimmed away from the structure & sprayed periodically will help reduce populations since they nest in these areas also. Tempo does not burn or harm shrubs, ground cover and flowers planted close to the buildings being sprayed. We also have our Bonide do-it-yourself hose end spray available for our customers purchase at our store and at our website store at for your shopping convenience. Please call or email any questions you may have. Expert help available upon request at 231-722-4686, 231-722-3247 or 1-800-362-4035 toll free nation wide.
by Betty  Fri May 06, 2011 5:28 pm

Exterior rodent bait stations are very important when controlling rodent populations in buildings wether it is residential, commercial or industrial areas. Rodent activity is a year around problem so keeping baits, traps, etc around the house, garage, barn, shed, etc inside is the best way to keep rats, mice, chipmunks, voles & shrews under control.

Maximize your ability to control rodents by using both exterior bait stations and interior bait stations, glue boards, traps or a comination of several methods. Keeping a fresh supply of bait is most important so inspect and refill bait stations regularly. Our Protecta Landscape bait station gives maximum control for outdoor use. Check our other products at

Rodents also spread fleas, diseases, contaminate food & water supplies, cause fires by chewing on electrical wiring including vehicles parked outside of homes, businesses & in storage buildings.

Bite marks on your body
by Betty  Mon May 09, 2011 4:53 pm

Due to the outbreak of bed bugs nation wide we are hearing from many more people when bite marks appear on their body. Not all bite marks are from bed bugs thankfully. Other insects that may bite you are spiders, fleas and bird lice are very common. 
Fleas can be seen jumping on you. Even the smallest flea is visible and can appear as a speck on light colored clothing including socks. When 'dirt' jumps it is most likely fleas. Spraying ALL floor surfaces with Ultracide Flea Spray will control flea populations in your home. 
Bird lice migrate from birds nest into cracks & crevices around windows and inside where they will bite people & pets sleeping close by. Crack & Crevice spraying with our Bonide Household Spray will control spiders, bird lice . Spiders make webs in corners, behind furniture and other undisturbed areas and can bite also. 

We recommend a close inspection of baseboards, closets, behind & under furniture including beds, heat registers & window/door frames to name a few areas with a flashlight to check for visible signs of insects. We also have monitoring traps available to collect samples for identification. Seeing evidence helps us target the problem quicker.

Ants inside homes & businesses
by Betty  Thu May 12, 2011 7:29 pm

Those ants you are finding in your kitchen and livingroom since the weather has warmed up have been living in wall voids most likely where there is a moisture (water leak) problem. Baiting &/or spraying is necessary to control them on the inside of your home at this time. Treating around the outside of the house will not get rid of them inside. Treating your yard and spraying around the exterior of your home will help control the ants coming from trees, bushes, underneath stumps, driveways, porches. Insect yard granules work better when left on the grass for a short time so the ants take them into their nest as food. Also spread them around the foundation of your home and base of trees. Treating the whole yard is important, not just ant hills you find. Excessive watering or heavy rain will deplete lawn granules quickly and make them less effective.

Always read application instructions carefully befor applying any chemical whether it is inside or outside. If in doubt, call your trusted pest control service for help. 

Don't Dally-Call O'Malley's 231-722-4686

Flying Ants or Swarming Termites?
by Betty  Fri May 13, 2011 5:31 pm

Flying ants can be brown, red, black or a combination of red/black are the reproductive queens & drones of ant colonies who fly off looking for new nesting places. Periodically during the course of summer ants swarm many times during their mating seasons. Black ants here in our area Muskegon, MI are destructive carenter ants that destroy wood during their nesting process. When they find wet wood they hollow out gallaries to deposit their eggs in. The moisture in the wood provides the water carpenter ants need to survive. Water damage occurs when rain, snow, sleet and wind storms force water under roof shingles, sofits, window & door casings & siding. When you hear a crackling sound coming from doors, wall voids, etc most of the time it is carpenter ants clearing an area to expand their nest. Recently we have found them nesting under a refrigerator that had a leaky water hose to the ice maker. Leaky hoses on dishwasher, washing machines, leaking toilet seals in the floor are all areas that carpenter ants seek as nesting sites. Heavy rain storms will flood carpenter ants out of their nest in the ground and send them looking for drier ground. It is not unusual to find a cluster on the deck the morning after a heavy rain looking for shelter. Being active at night (nocturnal) we see only part of their activity during the daytime. Carpenter ants will also move into wood under thresholds around sliders, french doors and regular doors when wood get wet from rain & snow melt. Sliders are problem areas due to the fact the metal track is exposed to the weather on the outside of the house. After many years of soaking up water, the wood rots and the carpenter ants move in. Decks that don't have a drainage gap next to the house soak up water laying on them that also splashed up behind the siding and soaks the OSB board behind siding.
Mosquitos & Biting Flies
by Betty  Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:00 pm

Mosquitos and biting flies are driving boaters and fisherman off the lakes, campers out of thier campgrounds and families out of their yards. Mosquito Beater powder is the answer to these irritating problem pests! Made from the oils of garlic, geranium. lemon grass, etc it repells flying insects. The best product on the market today. Spread the powder on the ground and enjoy! Comes in 3 sizes. Don't Dally--Call O'Malleys! 231-722-4686 1-800-362-4035 also our
Bed Bug Spray Travel Size
by Betty  Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:22 pm

Announcing the addition of a smaller spray bottle of our Bonide Bed Bug Spray for traveling. A must have for flight attendants, pilots, and anyone traveling extensively here in the USA or foreign countries. Check it out at our website
by Betty  Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:32 pm

Fleas are spread by every animal that wanders through your yard and flower beds! Raccons, mice, chipmunks, skunks, opossums, stray dog & cat and people spread fleas. People carry them wherever people go including our store, home, work, restaurants,grocery stores and into their vehicles. The hot humid weather we are having now will produce major infestations so when you see something jump on or off you- think fleas. Also itchy welts around ankles, waists & arms may be flea bites. Any warm blooded body that walks by is a blood meal to a flea. Spraying every inch of every floor in a building whether it is home, office, reataurant, store and floors of vehicles including bus, taxi, car, suv & boats. They will live on any floor surface, not just carpets! Our ULTRACIDE flea spray conquers fleas completely when applied properly! Not all flea sprays are equal to ULTRACIDE! Spraying at the first sign of fleas is necessary to control them. HOT & HUMID weather hatches their eggs FAST! ULTRACIDE kills eggs, adults (makes them sterile-can't reproduce) and continues to kill when the baby fleas emerge from their pupal stage. DO NOT BOMB your home for fleas. BOMBS don't get under furniture where fleas live and can contaminate your furniture, walls & bedding. Don't Dally--Call O'Malleys -231-722-4686 1-800-362-4035
by Betty  Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:55 pm

Ultracide Flea Spray sold in our store at 1846 Sanford, Muskegon, MI and on our website at will kill them when applied properly. All floors whether they are carpets, tile or concrete it must be sprayed from wall to wall covering the whole surface. Fleas ticks will continue to live on untreated surfaces. Sprays must contaim an IGR (insect growth regulator) to break their egg laying ability.

Insect lawh granules to kill fleas outdoors in the yard must be applied to kill the infestation of fleas ticks outside where pets and people pick them up and bring them inside. Fleas ride along and jump off in untreated areas of the home. Lawn granules are available at our store at 1846 Sanford St. Muskegon, MI or many lawn & garden centers near you. They also kill ticks, ants & spiders when applied properly in a spreader.

by Betty  Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:14 pm

Check out our new EPA approved T1 single feed rodent bait stations in a secure, disposable bait station at our store and here on our website. These secure bait stations hold a single bait block you can see thru the clear top. When thge bait is eaten up, just throw the station away. No mess rodent control for small rodents including mice. chipmunks, shrews & red squirrels. We sell the stations individually and in a 4 pack depending on how many you need. Same great quality and fast results as our Talon-G throw packs in a safer container around children, pets, birds and other non target animals. Don't Dally-Call O'Malley's 1-800-362-4035 or locally 231-722-4686
by Betty  Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:21 pm

Now is the time to spray the exterior of your homes, garages, pole barns, barns & commercial buildings for fall invading pests. Calls are coming in now about lady bugs, boxelder bugs, stink bugs (pine seed bugs) covering the sides of buildings and vehicles due to the warm days and cold nights! Do-it-yourself sprays are available at our office/store here in Muskegon and on our website at We are also scheduling our professional spraying for these pest this week. While these pest don't cause any damage to structures, they are a nusiance when they crawl out inside on sunny winter days. Outside barrier spraying will reduce the population over  wintering. Don't Dally-Call O'Malley's Pest Control, Inc.
SNOW FLEAS (Springtails)
by Betty  Fri Dec 23, 2011 6:47 pm
Snow Fleas
What is that black pile of bugs moving across my driveway towards my house and up the foundation? Many calls are coming in this week reporting a black mass coming from the yard. Springtails are mating in that black mass of insects this time of year when the weather is cold and wet. It is common to see them on top of snow during the winter months. Commonly know as "snow fleas" this weird migration during mating is harmless but still a nuisance. Any general pest control spray will kill them. Yard insecticide treatments during the summer will help reduce their population even though they still come from woods and fields surrounding your treated areas.

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